Pen Printing

I have some jewelry ideas which I thought I would execute with a device like this: The Matt Wax Gun…

This little gem is about $150.

Over time I have seen a plethora of so called 3D printer pens. They all use plastic ABS wire, heat it up and extrude. Problem for me is the material is not castable.

Now I find the one “pen printer” that uses UV cured resin: Atmos Flare

This one is about $12.00

I refilled one of the little tanks with Formlabs Castable V2. I modified the tip on this thing; way down to a #75 drill. The problem is that the V2 is too thin to work at extruding thin “wires”. The original resin they supply is what they call a gel and it is sort of gel like. A little thinner than toothpaste.

Cutting straight to the chase here… I’m looking for ideas on how to make the V2 resin either gel or thicker to work in this device. Naturally, without destroying the castable property as much as possible.

Maybe it can, maybe not. I thought I’d ask.

What if you play around with mixing the original resin with the FL Castable V2? You might get the consistency that you are looking for? I would probably start with adding small amounts of the original to the Castable, instead of vice versa, just so you get more of the burnout properties of the Castable.

Just an idea!

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Really wasn’t expecting any suggestions so I’m grateful.

Let us know if anything works, that is a really cool application!