Parts deforming during cure

I am printing parts for wind-tunnel testing using the formlabs Black v4 resin. It seems like there is a significant CTE issue with the material contracting during cure. The result is parts that are deformed unevenly, particularly between hollow and solid regions. I’ve reached the limit of how much I can adjust my 3d Model and the issue is still present.

Are there any other known solutions for this like curing at lower temps, for longer times, or using different resins?

Hi @Fuergrissa!
If you haven’t had a chance to look over our Best practices for post-curing prints ( page, that would be a good place to start since you mentioned the material seems to be contracting during cure. Otherwise, feel free to create a support case with us and provide photos of what you are experiencing. You may be able to get ideas for other resins / alternate setups to get your part coming out well.

Have followed that guide and the recommended cure cycle for this material (30-60m @60C).

Hi @Fuergrissa,
Understood - the best approach would be is to go ahead and submit that information along with the form file and photos via a support case for further investigation so we can look into a good solution for your application.

I’ve also discovered that a longer time soaking in IPA can result in excessive ‘sponge’ like response from the material. You may not visually note any issues, but it seems it can cause distortion when curing. It almost seems like the material needs time to outgas before post-cure.
I recommend this: Quick wash times in very clean IPA. Give it a post wash rinse in IPA, then a good 12hrs dry time before post-cure. Also, reducing any really thick areas of material by hollowing the thick part or splitting into multiple pieces could help as well.
I still see distortion but it’s improved since I started following these steps. But since then I haven’t had much printing in black. I’ve been using Surgical Guide material for my BioScience projects which still have distortion which I still believe is an ‘outgassing’ issue.


Hi @mwbarre1,

Thank you for sharing your experience and your experimentation! I’d like to make a personal note of what you are trying that are not included in our Best practices for washing prints ( guidelines as well.

Some of our resins recommend a double rinse too like how you are doing quick wash times with clean IPA.

Fuergrissa, have you had a chance to reach out to our team for additional support on this matter?

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I totally agree on the quick rinse solution, some parts I’ve found (depending on resin type and part dimension/design) keep their shape best with more of a thoughrough wipe down with IPA (especially thin parts) as opposed to putting them in the bath. then drying them adequately.
So you may find this method works for you.
FYI I’m using Tough 2K, Durable, black, white, gray, and clear

Thank you both for the info, I will try this today.

I don’t intend to open another ticket, they are not helpful and I don’t think issues like these should be taken behind closed doors. If the support team knows anything that might help it would be great if they could post here.

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Hi @Fuergrissa,
We do apologize about your experience with our support team - they do try their best to resolve the issues and there can be tricky nuances to work with. If you are willing to give it another shot, they can try their best to make it right the second time around, but we will not force you.

Speaking personally - you do bring up a good point about resolving these issues behind closed doors - I personally think there should be some avenue to have more of these solutions readily accessible that isn’t limited to a support case. What I can go ahead and do is see if I can pass along this feedback for consideration - thank you for providing this feedback.

One thing I’ve also noticed, you (generally speaking) give the impression that the support team is not reading or is unaware of the forums, like it’s a completely different team or company.
I understand that you pass info to them as best as you can, but why in not anyone actively enganging in the forums?

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Hi @agiorgitis,

I want to briefly jump in after checking in with @Phil.O in order to provide some clarity on this. Our Support Team is diligently working on our customer support tickets while our forums are more of a way for our community of users to engage and share their experiences; we check in periodically to either engage in the dialogues, assist in basic troubleshooting, or guide our users with more complex issues to speak directly with our Support Team to work through any problems. We have community representatives like Phil and myself who help direct the flow of traffic to the appropriate channels.

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Great! Thanks for the clarification Jesse!
Most of us do not open support tickets and mostly try to troubleshoot on our own at home, or with some help from the forums.