Part Combine Question

Hi I want to make a model similar to a cone. But for reasons I need to split it in two parts. Would to following none support setup be possible without leaving a clear line where the parts merge (form 2 user)?

I know the first layer is thicker then the rest layers, this is why I ask.

I know they’ve added some options to Preform recently for printing directly on the build platform to reduce the impact on the lowest layers, but there would definitely be some distortion there. Depending upon your post processing (sanding, painting? ok using some filler?) it may work, but if not it’s probably best to build the top part on supports and at an angle.

There’s going to be a gap whatever way you print it, but you can fill it in perfectly using some more resin and using a UV light source to cure the resin in the gap. After that, you can just sand down the extra resin around the gap and it’ll be perfectly smooth.