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Owning a Form 3 is so invigorating!


I recently obtained a Form 3, and it has been so amazing to own and use. So far I have been printing designs that never came to life just to get acquainted with the machine, post-processing, and parts setup. It’s really amazing that the machine can print rigid materials with great accuracy and soft flexible parts as well. Here are some snaps of an RC car tire that was designed in 2017, but it never came to light until now. Printed in Formlabs Elastic 50A resin. My other projects are getting printed in Tough 2000.

My brain is on fire! It’s a great feeling to model, print, and examine. The whole family is engaged in this world too.


I was always curious about the elastic resin for rc tire design. But I could never justify the cost of a new resin tray and resin. Besides there are sooo many crawler tires out there. I really don’t think I could improve on those. Let me know how yours works out.