Overflow and Huge Mess

I printed two dental surgical guides before I left last night. This morning, they failed to print, the base was stuck to the silicone bottom of the build tray and there was resin all over the inside of the lid, running down the inside and all over the countertop. Any ideas? I don’t want to try again as this is expensive material to waste! Also, what is the best way to clean up the inside of the machine? Thanks!

I have uploaded a screenshot of

the case on the build platform and a photo from this morning. Any help is appreciated.

Yikes, when there’s a spill like this it’s important that you get in touch with our support team before running the printer again. Overflows like this can happen for a few reasons so we want to make sure that we keep it from happening in the future and ensure that none of the internal components have been affected. Here’s a link to our ticket submission form. In the mean time, you might clean up resin on the outside of the printer with a paper towel just so it doesn’t begin to cure. You can use IPA on the outside of the printer and tray carrier but make sure not to get any on the tank itself as itself as IPA will weaken the material.

Did you find anything out yet? This happened to me today, literally on my first ever print with my Form 2. Needless to say, I’m not thrilled.

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