Option to create inner 3D hexagonal lattice in hollow objects

Instead of simply creating inner supports for hollow objects, which would only be useful during printing, it would be great if you could choose to create a 3D hexagonal lattice mesh inside the hollow parts of printed objects, which would provide support both during printing as well as when the object is in use.

This would make for a great and cost effective alternative to solid objects…

Alternatively, does anyone know of a plug-in to do this in SketchUp?

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There was a Kickstarter campaign some time ago for a software called MeshUp, which does exactly that (among other cool things). It should be very close to enter early beta. I believe FormLab people backed that campaign too and maybe they’re still in contact with the uformia people, so that maybe even a direct support of the Form1 printer from within MeshUp could be possible.


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I’d like this software in preform.  I’d be willing to pay a reasonable amount if necessary as a “premium feature”

The trouble is: the internal structure would probably be full of liquid resin at the end. :confused:

To avoid that, the lattice would have to be more like a space-frame than a honeycomb. And there would have to be a drain hole provided, or the resin that was saved would be trapped in there, obviating the usefulness of the more economical fill.

I was looking into modeling my own lattice or bone like internal structure into my models. I was thinking about the draining issue and it would probably not be much of a problem. Since the model pulls up after each pass most of the liquid should be able to escape. Only the amount that was as deep as the resin the model is in should be left inside. That would probably not be much. I think I am seeing this happen on surfaces that face up and can trap a bit of resin. It seems like resin pools a bit and can be washed off mostly though some does seem to harden a little. Maybe that’s because it was slightly exposed to the laser light? Any way I have a feeling most of the resin would drain out even if you did a honeycomb internal structure. To be extra safe the printer in semi hollow mode could pull up a bit higher and pause a moment to help drain some of the extra resin. Even better if there was a feature that would automatically add drain hole(s) if needed. The software generated drain holes could be color coded similar to the red shaded areas you you could see if they are in an acceptable place and if not reorient the model and regenerate the fill and holes just like when generating supports.

I’m sure it’s all much harder to implement than it is to describe.

+1 to the idea of being able to pause a hollow model and lift out of the resin bath for a configurable draining time, at a configurable layer. This would be very useful for making hollow models. And it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to add as a feature.

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