Optics unit not parking itself

After my latest print the unit made a loud sound upon print completion. I went to check on it and noticed through the resin tank that the optics unit was not parked away but sitting right in the middle.

I’ve also noticed that the unit made a loud screeching sound at the start of a prior print.
Is there a way to upload a short vid clip showing the sound?

Any ideas?
Does something need greasing?

Hi @as4399 ,

Sorry for the delay in my response; if you are still having issues with your printer, please reach out to our Support Team so that we can make sure that we get this resolved for you as quickly as possible!

I removed the tank and rehomed the optics. I’ve completed a successful print since.

Still having loud squeaking during the start of prints though…

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Yes, it sounds like you need to lubricate your X-axis lead screw, and if that still doesn’t work, you should need to replace the X-axis motor assembly!

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Hi @as4399 ,

@Victor_J_ST definitely sounds like they’re on the right track; I would advise reaching out to our Support Team so that they can provide you with any parts that you might need to troubleshoot further.

The strange thing is that there is absolutely no sound, hesitation or anything unusual when I have the motors X/Z axis sweep through their range of motion with the tank removed. I only get these loud sounds with the tank in… is it possible that there is contact with some part of the tank that is causing this? It makes no sense that the spindles/screws function flawlessly on their own and that it’s also a problem of lack of lubrication.

Hi @as4399,

I would advise taking a short video of the sound occurring with the tank (along with trying to replicate this issue with other tanks if you have not already done so) and you can get them sent over to our Support Agents to take a look and listen to advise on next steps!