Optical window cleaning and dirty optical unit

I went through and had a look at the optical window since I got a print failure.

There were what looked like haze/smudges on the glass; what in the world would have caused it I can’t tell you…

When I took my wipe it became apparent that the body around the glass was dirtier than the glass.

What I gather is that with regular use the plastic body beside the glass and the resin tank film must naturally wear over time and lead to dust/debris that can accumulate. It would only make sense since the unit pulls and slides across the tank film.

By extension it would hold that it is also critical to ensure that the underside of resin tanks be kept pristine. Any debris, material, oils picked up by the resin tank will be directly transferred to the optics through use.

FYI I only keep my tanks in the printer or in clean tank cases. I am the only one who handles the resin tanks and I’m meticulous with “Clean handling”

I’ve attached a picture of the lens wipe I used.

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I’m the same as you, meticulous with tanks etc. I wonder if that dirt was there all along, it’d be interesting to see if you have a recurrence and similar results with a wipe in the future…

I’ve gone through cleaning the optics a few times in the past and did not have any of this before. I think it’s a wear and tear type thing. I also don’t think it correlates with my recent print issues.

I think I will reexamine the optics at some regular interval and see what things look like over time.

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