OPEN SOURCE RESIN SAVER - Angled Platform Holder for Form2


Unfortunately, when parts are placed in the wire basket, during the washing process they bump with each other and basket walls , making scratches and dings in each other, especially if they have sharp edges. For rough, functional parts it doesn’t matter but for delicate parts where preserving a surface smoothness is important I would not do that.


Thank you so much for this. I print a lot of small dental models and there is always resin left under the small dental models. I was looking for exactly this. I was trying to design it but so happy to see it here. Great work!


Thank you so much for the compliments! I use it all the time myself.


@Konstantin_Dani YES! This is great!

Just poking around with it…have you revised it since your initial design?

Have you considered angling it slightly so one corner is lower instead of just a drip side?
I see it’s ~0.25L of resin: have you considered hollowing it out or inserting some pattern (i.e. honeycomb grid)?

If you DM me the CAD file, I’ll tinker with it.

EDIT: I may just measure off the mount and try my hand at this. Ty for the inspiration regardless :slight_smile: