Open Mode Walk Through

I am very interested in the open mode on the Form2. Are there any full tutorials on how it works? When I read the info in the Support section, it tells me to click on the Printer Settings and select the proper material settings. Well, I cannot find this section in the PreForm software. I am running version 2.8 and my Form2 is in Open Mode connected via ethernet. Any help would be appreciated.

You can select open mode on your printer’s touch display. It in not in the PreForm software.

Open Mode allows you to use 3rd party resins, but you need to chose a FL Resin setting when you print. So you put the Printer in Open Mode via the touch panel as explained. Then in PreForm you tell it what FL Resin setting to use and the print job goes to the printer using that setting.

For example, MadeSolid Vorex resin is printed with the FL Grey setting.

Ok. This was exactly what I was curious about. The Open Mode directions were a bit unclear and made it sound like you entered other variables. Thank you!


Getting ready to run some Nextdent material in Open Mode.

the elastomeric pink translucent resin
Ochre(Oker) model material

so I just pick grey and go?

How do I add grey as a material choice, do not have bottle

Can’t tell how to add new materials in; Printer Settings?

Help appreciated, ericc

No. You need to contact the resin manufacturer and find out what setting they recommend for a FormLabs printer.

Assuming the resin manufacturer has this information, you put the printer in Open Mode, pour resin in to the tank up to the fill line, and then in PreForm choose the FL resin type that your 3rd party resin supplier recommends and send the print job to the printer.

The MadeSolid Vorex resin I’ve been using has been tested by them on FL printers, so MadeSolid is who determined that FL Grey is the setting for their resin.

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