Odd Print Errors - Issue with Optical Window?

Hey Gang. I noticed that when I print on the left side of my Form 2, I get this strange pit/scratch pattern. I circled an example in the picture. I’m referring to the little stair-stepped grooves, not the support leftovers.) I have seen it consistently across a wide array of parts, but it shows up most prominently on flat parts. This happened with multiple new trays and resins. I cleaned my optical window with IPA/PEC Pads, and I noticed what looks to be a defect in the optical windows coating on that side of my printer. It’s hard to take a picture of, but the issue is definitely inside the glass where I can’t get to it. Could this be causing my issues as everything else is spotless?

The fogging on the inside of the glass certainly could be contributing to the surface issues you’re seeing. Our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this and one of our members will be in touch over email to help troubleshoot.

Thanks, Frew.

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