NextEngine 3d Scanner

I bought a NextEngine 3d Scanner for scanning very fine detailed small pieces of jewelry. Did surprisingly well for larger pieces, about 25 mm or a quarter or larger. But isn’t working for what I have intended. So my loss will be someones gain. I would think if your doing or working surfaces, and not fine detail this would be a product for your needs. Or if your not intending on using for jewelry, but sculptures and what have you, this is perfect for you.

I have see may people use such scanner for larger sculpted objects and scanning them and then outputting this in scale to other ideas.

Link to site
Gallery of scans

I purchased off Ebay last fall, used a few times. Will re-post there if necessary, just don’t want to lose more money with the ridiculous fees. 30% selling and listing fee and losing $400 to $500 seems insane.

Software and log in included, since it has the login information, can be used without transferring the license. I installed the software and anyway I went.

Any questions I can help with, fire away…



I may be interested. How much do you want for it?

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