3shape or exocad scans of non dental items

Can you scan jewlery or other various things with these dental scanners and export them ? If so how?

Depends on the scanner…
most scanners will export a meshed STL or OBJ file.

You can import those file formats into just about any modeling application for modification… but most high resolution scans will be way too big to import directly into Preform… it has a limit at present of about 300mb… per printable volume.

You will need some means of modeling in an STL model- or you will need software that can convert triangulated polygonal data, into either parametric surfaces, or into 4 point SubD data of you ant to edit it in something like zBrush.
Most dedicated Jewelry modeling apps rely on paramterics or nurbs surfaces…

For me- I use Geomagic’s FreeForm and Sculpt apps to edit stl data directly in a voxel modeling space.

So- to scan very small objects you will need a very High res Jewelry scanner- an app that can import that data so you can alter it in whatever way you need, and that app needs to be able to decimate the resulting model to a size that can then be imported into Preform.

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