New Water Washable Resin by FSL3d - Is it compatible?

Saw this in another post but wanted to bring it up front on it’s own topic. This was just released. Anyone know if this will be compatible with FL?

Reminds me of when MadeSolid said their resin was water cleanup. Then it wasn’t. I hope that resin is truly water cleanup and it is safe to pour it down the drain.

Hopefully FL is working on some water cleanup resin where the waste water is safe to pour down the drain.

I have no idea if it is compatible. Maybe someone will give it a try and share the results.

I don’t personally find the IPA that much of a pain. It would have to be zero compromise to performance for me to even consider.

For the most part I believe Formlabs shares this perspective. They are also big about ease of access to the technology, so who knows.

I sent FSL an email nearly 3 weeks ago asking them if their resin works on the FL+… But still no answer

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