New Shell Color on the Form 2


Statistically speaking, red cars are second to white cars when it comes o being the most often ticket cars. Grey and silver make up the 3rd and 4th pace.

Although yellow cars are even more visible on the road than red, they are ticketed less often simply because there are so few of them on the road compared to the other colors.


My new second Form 2 with new shell color :grin:

The orange cap of the printer is improved and I think with a lighter color.
I think it is better sealed now.
The area of the optical glass is better sealed also with respect to my previous Form 2
The packaging of the printer is also different.
Now it brings a protector in the optical glass that protects the mirrors.
What does not change is the name of the printer: HulkingPackrat :smirk:


gives me ideas, I’ll break out the pin striping brush!


Hulking Packrat! That’s better than my Fluffy Manatee - love the names!


Please explain what you mean by better seal on optical glass and mirrors. I have 2 Form2s and a Form1+ that went through factory refurb and is now a failure (big waste of $$). I would like to keep a Formlabs printer at the NorCal office, but The F1+ (which fits both by size and by lower work load) starts out great, then fails 1/3 to 1/2 through the job. I don’t think they checked the laser or calibrated it, so it reaches a fail point depending on how much resin is cured. The butterflies print out great, but dental casts generally start out printing well, then fail.


Curious when you received the refurbished printers back from Formlabs & they didn’t work, did you contact them again? Did you have the Service Pro Plan on the Form 2’s? I want to see if it’s something my team might be able to assist or walk you through. Let me know your thoughts


Thanks. I wasn’t trying to create a commotion, but after factory refurb, the F1+ printed a few cycles OK then consistent fails. FL has been trying to help, but the first set of techs were probably new, and following the same script that didn’t in any way apply, so many months have now passed, but the problem is consistent. The newest tech seems more knowledgeable. Since I bought the second F2, the stress to get it working is less, but I still need it working. I was interested in the F2 updates, because the delay and initial goose chase with the problem resolution was prompting me to look at other systems again, despite my FormLabs loyalty. I just get nervous about precious time lost with failures, especially when it does take so long to print (although beautifully). Having an improved seal or mounting for the critical transmission glass definitely gets my attention.


I just returned your call. When you have a moment, call me back & I’ll get you with one of our tech’s to get the Form 2 installed properly.