New Shell Color on the Form 2

Starting today, new Form 2 printers will ship with a shell in a lighter shade of silver. The shell’s material properties will remain the same, as will the high-performance brawn and brains at the heart of the Form 2.

We’re excited to continue printing together, and would love to see some pictures of your Form 2 workspace. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here!

Pictures maybe? :sweat_smile:

Probably switching anodizing vendors.

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How much does this change improve print quality? What is FormLab’s upgrade policy for existing Form2 owners?


I kill myself.

Also, unless you like pictures of total chaos, you do not want to see my workspace. When my printer isn’t printing, it doubles as a shelf. The Form2 is printing now, but there’s a pile of stuff on top of the Form1+. It’s not pretty to look at.


Our testing has revealed that changing the shell color of the printer does in fact have no impact on print quality. I’ll make sure to get pictures of the new shell @aad345.


Randy … hahahaha

And Frew, you are always great.


Here we are with that picture @aad345 :slight_smile: New cover in the lighter silver on the left.


I think it needs flames painted on it, so it will print faster.


It would also look even better if the logo was silkscreened on in a darker color! Maybe it just looks light in the picture though.


I agree. Logo looks very light. Having darker gray (or black) color might look much more visible and would make it stand out.

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It should be red. Everyone knows that red is the fastest color.


Police ticket red cars more than any other color because red looks fast. But science has proven that red is in fact no faster than any other color.


Red is first on the visible spectrum.
SO there is perception that it’s the fastest.

Can we get the Mythbusters to weigh in on this?

I second the darker logo on silver. I’m thinking an ombre pink would be stunning. With a big Formlabs logo…pretty. Or Hello Kitty.


No, no. Police ticket red cars more because they play motorway snooker - red, colour, red colour etc.

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We love our @Frew!

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I would actually pay extra for a Hello Kitty Form2 printer. I think that’d be a riot. I’m laughing now just thinking about it.

“Sure, it costs $3000. But it’s got Hello Kitty on it”. (note: I’ve spent way too much time in Japan).


Forget colors. What it needs is speed holes!


This color shift reminds me of the exact opposite change from the Form1 to the Form1+. Does this make the light shelled machines equivalent to a Form2(-)?

My workspace. A nice cabinet with a box that holds resin cartridges and consumables. Resin tanks stacked and labeled. Everything fits perfectly.

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