New hybrid resin mix


Well, in conclusion… the b9 resin does not work well by itself in the form1. I think it more has to do with the cure wavelength, and not the power of the laser.

It works great if you mix it with the form1 resins, but then become un-castable.

We have no choice but to wait for form labs to release a castable resin, but I don’t expect it to be anytime soon.


I see in your post you say that the 50/50 cherry red and regular red is what people are having the best luck with in the b9 forums.

Have you or could you try a 33/33/33 of Grey/Cherry Red/Regular Red?



Anyone know the competition?

use special types of resins for lost wax



I have tried around 25% grey and 75% b9 red, and it would not cast well.

The grey and even clear resin, leaves too much residue.


I just want to chime in here, and let you know that we’re working on a castable resin. It’s at the very top of our priority queue. It’ll be ready, as they say, when it’s ready – but we’re working on it, and you should expect fantastic detail and clean burn-outs in the future.


Thanks for putting in all the work testing out these resin combinations Monger!  It is a shame all of the settings are locked out from user adjustment on the Form1.  I noticed on the B9 forums that some users have had great success with Spot-HT resin.  I am not sure if this would work in any way for the Form1 or for casting but I did notice some users were able to get some insanely high detailed prints with this material.


That’s good to know Sam.

Hopefully it’s available sooner than later.

I strongly believe that the Form1 can be used for jewelry and is more than capable of achieving the detail that we need, and the little experiments that we did proved that. So a resin from you guys that’s optimized for high detail, smooth surfaces, thin layers, and clean burn-outs will be a great thing.


Monger you’ve made it to page 2 ; )

Sam that is encouraging to hear and Monger is right **"**a resin from you guys that’s optimized for high detail, smooth surfaces, thin layers, and clean burn-outs will be a great thing" If/when this material comes about, Formlabs will be best friends with a new generation of digital jewelers.


Jesse, I noticed that! Didn’t even know there was a page 2 :wink:


I’m not a jeweler but a resin optimized for high and sharp detail is more than welcome !

By the way thanks Monger for all your effort and tests. It has give me the desire to buy one bottle of B9 cherry. But when i saw the shipping for internationial… waouh it’s just insane. So i nicely wait for a HD resin from Formlabs


Monger, As a jeweller myself, I have followed this thread from beginning to end and found the time you are putting in to find a solution for the trade is inspiring!

Keep up the great work!

Have you considered a test with the NEW wax polymer from Asiga  (SuperCAST™) ?

However at $350 / 500ml it might require a bigger collection plate :slight_smile:

I spoke to a Formlabs rep at the London show last week and was also assured of there plans for a “casting resin”, No time line though.

Thanks again


Thank you Odilia. I did request a sample print for their latest castable resin (because the old one gave people a lot trouble with the casting), however it did not cast well for me. Reading the forums even the new resin is not easy to cast. Did not want to try it on the form1 after that, however the print quality from the asiga was exceptionally good.


Oh and I have plans for making a castable resin for the form1 too. But they are just plans.


I have been inspired your research and bought a couple of litres of Cherry, but Gilles was correct - international shipping price is horrific, but I think/hope it will be worth it!


Hi Jason. Maybe you can contact them and tell them that you can send them a pre-paid shipping label, if it’s cheaper. I heard you UK guys get great rates on UPS shipping on certain days of the week. You may want to look into that. Or you can ask if they can ship via USPS.


Very nice to reed this tread… I hope we can get this castable resin very soon :wink:

I just receive my printer so i will start first tests.


Well, I was hoping to emulate the prints produced by Monger Designs, but alas 'twas not to be…

As you can see from the images I had a few complete failures and those that did print have lost most of their detail, in fact some have a very bizarre surface effect. These prints were made using the 1:1 ratio as recommended by MD so I am disappointed I didn’t have the same level of detail (except in one are - the tiniest grill section that came out perfect - go figure!) that MD achieved. also the prints feel quite tacky - I’m guessing they haven’t completely cured so maybe a UV lamp might be a prudent purchase. Thinking the next Batch I mix will be a 1:2 of red to grey - any body else got any thoughts?


Were these printed on the 50micron grey setting? They look more like 100 micron prints. It also looks as if the resin was not mixed enough.


This mix is optimized for 50 micron grey settings. You should mix some more grey resin to see if you can get better results than those. Also, try to print something small first. It’s pretty weird, because I’m continuing to get excellent results using the mix.


It’s a 50:50 mix at grey 0.05. It looked pretty well mixed prior to pouring, I mixed for a couple of minutes in a measuring jar and then with the spatula once in the tank. It was a brand new tank as well.