New Forum & Features

Welcome to our new Forums!

This week, we released a new update to our forums. Besides the cleaner look, these new forums bring some great features and changes. First, you’ll notice that we have added two new categories, PreForm Software for feedback on our software and Getting Started for advice on setting up your Form 1+ and running your first print. The Share Cool Prints & Tips group has also been renamed Projects and Prints.

In addition to the new look and category changes, there are some new key features, including:

  • Post count & recent activity are highly visible.
  • Ability to sort posts by Latest, Top, New, Unread, and Starred along the top menu.
  • Built-in tutorial messages on how to navigate, post, and interact with others on the forum.
  • You can favorite topics, which will then sort into your Starred posts.
  • While viewing a post, you will now see suggested posts on the bottom menu.
  • New involvement trackers give you the ability to control how often you’re notified of new post activity.
  • User profiles are more organized, allowing you to view all of the posts made by a single user across all categories.
  • Private Messaging, so you can coordinate on cool projects and prints.
  • Ability to export and download your posts to your device.

Please take the time to read our Forum Rules.

Need additional help? You can always reach us at!


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