New Formlabs Forum Member


I’m a new member here at the Formlabs forum. I’m interested in the upcoming Form 3. I’m a retired engineer. Initially, I’m planning on learning about the 3D SLA printing process. Eventually, I would like to use it to generate some extra income. I’ve already done quite a bit of research on FDM vs SLA. I’ve decided SLA would be more appropriate for my needs.

I noticed that Formlabs is offering a referral coupon code for existing owners to share with someone for $500 off a Form 3 or 3L. Would anyone have a coupon code that you would like to share with me? Thanks.

The referral promo code is only good for the “regular” sized Form 3 according to their announcement. Sales told me the 3L preorder wasn’t eligible — could hear my wallet breathe a sigh of relief!


Got it. I know what your saying re: the 3L. Thanks again.