Got my answers for the pre order and discounts

Sad of the outcome to say the least. I’ll be very curious to find out what the cost of the 3L is for people that don’t jump in on the preorder.


You think they will be 10k even after the pre order?

yes- if you pre-order as a Form 2 owner, it will be $9,499.

They are obviously trying to keep the price psychologically below 10K. Like all the stuff priced $19.99.

But they won’t ship till 4rth quarter?

And I’ll give them a year in the field to figure out everything they need to change to make it more reliable.

The one thing I don’t like is the flexible tank floor- it just seems like its begging to tear or split and spill a bunch of resin all over their cool shuttle mechanism.

Still… if they get good reviews… the 3L will likely be my next printer- but not until my Form 2 has made back its cost plus some.

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Are you sure about that 9500 price ? I know the rep I spoke to said the 500 loyalty discount does not apply towards the 3L.

I was also told that you cannot stack them towards one machine ( so my two form2 machines don’t get me 1k off of a new one just 500 off each form3 if I ordered two.

He also told me that a referral can’t be added and they are taking the full amount of 9,999.00 at the time of pre order :thinking:

I also heard from Formlabs sales that the discount will not apply to the 3L.
They would not talk about a super size wash/cure either.

that’s not what the promo said.

they should really be clearer about that.

Lots of conflicting information being thrown around here.

for me: I will absolutely not be purchasing a Form3 just based on the customer service i’ve received up to this point with my Form2.

The support team has been fantastic in my experiences thus far but when i try to purchase things it’s been sub-par. 48+ hours to receive a quote…24-48 hours for PO receipt acknowledgement and then another 24-48 hours for order confirmation. The order that i just put in last week has been the FIRST order that i’ve gotten any shipment confirmation on and the order before that was cancelled unbeknownst to me…

So just based on that I am looking at another FFF printer going forward.

not sure if this was the right place for this soapbox rant but it happened anyway! lol.

New news
Just got a call from Formlabs, they are going to extent the discount to the 3L.

Are the doubling it to 1k instead of 500 like it is for the machine less than half of its price ?

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