Form 3 Ordered

I am excited about the Form 3. I decided to order one. :slight_smile:

I have a very under used Form 2 that just went back for refurbishment. It was not printing the test parts very well. The machine sat in my office/shop and I think the mirrors are covered with too much dust. In the future I plan to cover my printers with an air tight enclosure made of acrylic so this cannot happen again.

In fact I recommend this to everybody. Cover your printer completely with a box. IMO even in a normal clean house setting, the day will come when your Form 2 will have built too much dust inside of it.

The new flexible tray is an amazing idea and I cannot wait till they post a video showing it in action. I am curious if the Z axis will just stay still between layers and only step up the layer height when the next layer starts. It may not have to move as far up and down like all the previous Form printers. I guess it could need to move up and down to help mix the resin.

Now the long wait . . .


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Same here. Just finalizing the order.

Did they take the entire amount at your time of order? I’m trying to figure out if I go for A 3L am I going to have 10k tied up for months and not be able to invest it

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Not sure for the 3l but for the 3 you have 30 days to pay and until of end of may for the discount at least for the machine. Other things,. like service or so, I will be billed and pay before shipping.
But they say the 3 is basically an order, 3L is pre-order


Got it thanks going to try asking sales this simple question one more time