Referral Program Change Last Chance to Save $500 on a Form 3

As of Feb 15th Formlabs is changing their referral program to only be $250 off of a Form 3 and $250 of free materials for the person who refers them. This is down from the previous $500. For anybody that is looking to buy a Form 3 I have included my referral code below for some last minute savings. Remember you must call Formlabs sales rep to place the order (number listed below) and I hear it also works with authorized third party retailers (must call). Best of luck and happy printing!

Referral Code: FORM3-8XCHYT
Formlabs Sales (United States) Number: 1 (617)-702-8476

Here is mine just in case you run out: FORM3-5VSSY2.

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Word spread the love before the deal ends!

Hi All - Im just about to purchase a Form 3 in the UK - would anyone have one they are happy for me to use?

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You can use mine FORM3-8XCHYT. You must call to place your order. They reduced the savings to $250 recently just fyi but still better than nothing. If you have any questions let me know, best of luck.