Formlabs Referral Program

Has anyone received any credits from this program yet?
I have many people that ordered using my code but haven’t heard a word yet from formlabs.
I have been promoting the form 3 for them like crazy.
I will give them a call today to find out what’s going on but when I called to get my code (which I never got when I registered my form 2 like it says) They were all new to the program and had to get my code from a supervisor. Hope it was the right one.

Have you heard anything about this yet? I am promoting now and have a bunch of interested parties. Wanted to know how this program has been from experienced users.

I have shared my code with many people (over 50) and received 1 credit or ($500.00) so far.

Did each of those 50 people buy using the instructions provided and your code? I’m sure they did but just curious on the reliability of this program.

Not sure as I only had a handful contact me when done. One guy was so upset with there customer service that he was mad at me because he was a Dental customer and form 3 resins not ready yet I guess or something.

Can confirm now personally that this referral program works as I have used my code and been able to redeem $500 worth of items from Formlabs. Just make sure whoever is using your code calls in to use it. Best of luck. FORM3-8XCHYT incase anybody needs it, happy printing.