New digital forge 3d resin


There’s been reports that the quality of FormLabs resin tank are dropping and causing leaks with third party resins.

The issue is caused with resin sitting in tanks for long periods of time and causing the PDMS layer to lift and leaking onto the printer. Does anyone know if this is happening with Digital Forge 3D resins?


That sounds great, but! Over the past 2.5 years I have read many of these claims. It’s easy to make a resin that works for figurines and art models. But not so easy to make something crisp and dimensional accurate.

I’ve heard promising news from people using this resin in closed mode, but none of it was backed by data so far.

So that’s why I ask if there is any (independent) dimensional report and side-by-side comparison. I think you can gain a lot of industrial customers if you can make a similar datasheet to formlabs and back any claim with actual data.


This is possible, but one thing I have noticed is Formlabs VATs change from time to time. I just got two VAT’s that are now causing the initial layers of uv cured resin to stick to just the center area of them on the first couple of layers. This did not happen on any older VATs I had around. Clearly these new trays are being moved before the silicone has set up completely, perhaps in a rush to complete the drying and produce more? Creating some high points in the tray.


Never received the test resin from them. :pensive::cry: