New digital forge 3d resin

Yes, you would think if Formlabs is going to be selling 2nd rate resin they should at least lower the price.


Is anyone interested in a liter of this resin. I can’t get it to work.
I’am located in the EU.

@mitzekotze Just curious, what kind of problems are you seeing? I’ve printed about half a liter of this resin and so far it’s been really good with no failures or issues.

I had problems regarding the accuracy and dimension. Also the odor is inconvenient.

What settings were you guys using in open mode for DF gray.

Nice detail what settings were you using.

The resolution is set to .025mm for these small and I don’t use open mode, just poured the resin into an empty grey cartridge.

I have had to change some dimensions when using the DF grey resin, walls come out thicker and openings come out smaller. This is a problem if you have to fit the piece into something else of a fixed size. Still, adjusting the dimensions is better than having a near 100% failure rate I was getting on my smaller parts with Formlabs grey V4.

Thought the use of an empty cartridge was not possible or very limited.

Inquiring minds are curious!

I have a liter of this coming as I would like to try it and II too would like to know what settings people are using and having success with it. Do you pour it directly into the resin tank or do you fill an old gray cartridge? Also, when in PreForm, do you specify the grey V4 material? I have seen someone say open mode. Thanks for any feedback and advice.

ITS IMPROVED!!!The brand New Digital Forge formulation is AWESOME! I guess you’d call it Version 2? Much much finer detail than we’ve seen even on Formlabs GreyV4! No joke its just incredible. I know that past purchasers are getting 500ML free! As a sort of thanks for their support and a tryout of the new formulation.

Some very fine details were getting over cured on DF V1 and this has been totally addressed with V2. Very crisp and clean is how I would describe the new builds. Great price and great resin!


I am skeptical about how a new purchaser would be sure they were not receiving a V1 batch. Seems like they would be losing lots by not selling off the V1 stuff.

DIGITAL FORGE V1 was created in a 200 liter batch, it has since boiled off and no longer being shipped as of January 13th as its was used up.

DIGITAL FORGE V2 is far more detailed and behaves beautifully with the PDMS on the vat. In fact I would argue that our VAT’s are lasting a lot longer using the new formulation. Anyhow its all thats being shipped, enjoy!,

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Ok thanks good to know… now if I could just get a sample without having to get a whole liter that be great lol … may try them out soon

V2 is great. For me much better than V1 I have a lot of details in lettering and small bevels. Any issues with the overcure as seen above examples is pretty much gone. My contact points are slightly larger than FL Grey.
But I find the part is not as brittle as FL. In some cases I have more detail than FL Grey. Print layers are less visible. Printing at 100 microns is about the same as others at 50 micron. Overall an excellent choice for trying a 3rd party resin. Be sure it is warm, don’t use in the garage in a snow storm, Suggested Profile Grey V4 at 100 microns.


DIGITAL FORGE V2 PRINTS FASTER THAN AN OTHER RESIN! One of the coolest things I’v noticed with the new DF V2 Grey is that if I print on .1 micron layer there are no build lines, no joke: none. Its the same as building on .05 micron layer. I’ve basically cut my print time in half! My most intricate parts can easily be built using .1 micron layer now. Awesome!

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While that is positive for figurines, it might not be positive for other applications perse. Cause it would mean a bit of laser light still bleeds to smoothen the layers.

Any dimensional reports?

By the way, there are several users using this resin in closed mode and no overflow or heater/wiper issues have been found so that’s good news!


Fantasy 2 - you seem to have hit the nail on the head!! If the layers lines are not visible that is because the definition is poor!!

It would be interesting to see some test print pictures published by oberst3221. Good point as well about the dimensional accuracy - is the missing layer lines caused by overgrowth through light bleed?

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Details as reported by other users are super tight at .1 micron layer: awesome… I did a side by side with Formlabs Grey: no need to wait 12 hours for the same detail taking just 6 hours on the .1 micron layer setting with DIGITAL FORGE. Great prints we are supper happy with V2.