New case cracking

I am just wondering if there’s been any reports of the case starting to crack?
We have had our printer for 1 week and we have got 1 crack growing quickly from the front right corner (coming from the metal in the corner). The tape shows how the crack has spread over 48 hours
I have also noticed another crack starting to develop on the front left corner now, again coming from the m


This happens quite often. Just contact support and they will take care of it.

There are a few things that can cause this. Avoid getting resin or IPA on the cover as these will weaken the acrylic. This compounded with the force of closing the cover can cause it to crack. The best way to clean an especially messy cover is a microfiber cloth with a bit of Novus polish.

mine cracked early as well… they sent a new one next day

I got a replacement cover sent to me in Romania in less than a week, no cost, even for shipping. And I couldn’t even guarantee that it wasn’t my ineptitude that caused it to crack in the first place!

That said, further examination of the cracked cover revealed that the bottom panel (the one that touches the printer body when closed) was not glued flat into the side shell all the way around - it “bulged away” (a.k.a. upwards, if you held the cover upside down to examine the bottom panel)

(exaggerated for emphasis))

I got the impression that the bottom panel may be slightly too big to fit into the side panels, and by forcing it in, may introduce undue lateral stress on the sides, waiting to manifest as cracks at the weakest points. This is just my theory based on just my one cover, but I thought I’d throw it in there.

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A suggestion for the Formlabs and put a handle on the cover so it does not subject the acrylic lid.

That would interfere with the aesthetics of the printer. Doubt it will happen and it isn’t necessary.

I had the same problem. I had to get it replaced.

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