New cartridge "worn out"

It seems that the cartridge life recording is much too sensitive, possibly due to a recent update.

I’m basically never getting to finish a whole cartridge before the printer tells me that a cartridge is worn out. Very frustrating issue, as I’m not getting to use all of my expensive resin - it is trapped in the bottle by software.

I do not refill bottles.

Requesting formlabs to up the uses on the bottles before displaying the “cartridge worn out” message.

If it’s giving that message before it’s finished using a cartridge then that sounds like a bug, it should be based on how much resin it figures is going through the cartridge, which can be refilled at least another time.

Yea, any tips to resolve? Maybe reload the firmware or something?

Just press ignore and keep printing till your out of resin

Well, there are two reasons why that doesn’t work. First - I like to run prints overnight, which means I’m not around to press ignore. Second, is that you can only press ignore when the cartridge is low, not when the cartridge is worn out. Once it’s worn out, I don’t have the option to ignore.

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Interesting, i guess i have never seen the “worn out” message

There’s a hard block if you reuse a cartridge enough, it’s designed to prevent you from using a cartridge that it thinks may be worn out too much and might leak.

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