Need help! Cancelling an upload to the printer


hey folks. So I updated to the latest preform. Now uploading a file to the printer is ridiculously slow, about 1% per minute. This is over the wifi. My broadband speed seems fine. The printer is the only thing I use on the wifi.

I need to cancel this upload before it ends up taking hours. Is there a way to do this on the printer side? If I go back in preform it kinda cancels the upload though the upload screen on the printer just stays hanging. Is there a way to reset it on the printer? I don’t want to brick the machine as never cancelled an upload. Any advice would be great,


ok so ended up re-uploading again and whilst slow was much better. I then went back into the que and deleted the failed upload job. I think I panicked a little with the ‘do not disconnect the printer’ message :smiley: