Move printer after upload?

I am in a small, quiet office and even though the printer isn’t loud, it is loud enough to be annoying for the others in the room.

Is it possible to upload a print to the Form1, unplug it from power, move it to another room, power back up to print?

Hi Nick,

Currently it is not possible to start or restart an uploaded print job once the printer has been disconnected from power. One solution you could try is to get a wifi USB sharing station so you can send jobs to your Form 1 from anywhere on your network. We use this for few machines in our office and it works great! We wrote up a quick tutorial about how we did it on our blog.

Or you could always try an extra long USB cable, also a favorite around our office.

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They are just jealous. Tell them to put on headphones. That is what my neighbor here at my office does sometimes. Actually I don’t think he cares. (We share a large office).

Of course they are! Maybe I need flashing lights and a siren every time a print finishes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Adam. I’ll have a look.