Multiple failures then nada. Is this the end of machine no.4?

So I had a model fail on me 3 times, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Prints were fine until about 10 hours in (of a 12 hour print) then just stuck goo to the tank. Replaced tank (twice, once with sylgard refurbished and then with brand new orange tank, replaced resin, different model, no adherence at all to plate. 4 attempts. Mirrors are clean. Before I submit a ticket, does this sound like a failing laser to anyone? My last 3 machines all died around 200 hours in, I reckon this one is in that ball park. I really can’t be putting up with this shit anymore.

Been cogitating overnight and not so sure its a laser problem - when I cancelled the job the print the interface went all squiffy and didn’t display the ‘cancelling job’ info and the tilt mechanism and build plate screw thread did some weird stuff before finally doing their thing. Ticket going in anyway.

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