Moon Rocket

Finally my rocket reached the moon.
About two years ago I was working doing storyboards/animatic for the stop-motion film “Månelyst i Flåklypa” (LOUIS & LUCA - MISSION TO THE MOON)
created by the Norwegian animation company Qvisten. At the same time I finally decided to by my first printer a Form 2. So as I thought the studio might need some small printed objects to fill the background scenes with, I asked if I could help out a bit in the props department.
Turned out they had almost everything they needed for the film apart form the Rockets. So suddenly I had agreed to build the big moon rocket (La Pollo) and the small test rocket. With no previous professional model building experience really. Cudos to them for letting me. :slight_smile:

I first created the full model in 3ds Max from a 2D concept art. The bottom halve would be created in same scale as the puppets and used as a set in the stop motion studio. This set was built by in a stop motion studio in Lodz, Poland and ended up being a set 2,5 meter high x 2,5 meter wide .

The miniature full length rocket I printed entirely on my Form 2.
Each of the 3 engines consists of 48 parts.
The whole rocket is round about 200 printed parts in total, overall 1 meter tall.
Inside is a metal frame and it has a metal rig inside to make it animatable and connected to a rigging arm.

A big thanks to Formlabs for creating the Form 2 printer! No way I could have don this without this machine.

Sorry no English here. Think the English title will be “LOUIS & LUCA - MISSION TO THE MOON”.
Film trailer:

About the Rockets:


Forgo to attach pictures of the production. :slight_smile:


Nice work! Thanks for sharing this.

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Very Cool, good job!

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Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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That is so great!

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Thanks for positive feedback. :slight_smile:
I added a link (my homepage) to some more pictures from the production.
The quality of the Form 2 prints are fantastic. And almost all prints that came out wrong was my own fault (position, supports). But I wish there was a Form 3 wit much larger print volume.
Had to come up with lots of snapping together and screwing solutions for the parts to come together.
And lots of gluing. The flexible material was great for creating tubes and hoses for the engine. It would have been very hard to fit all together with only hard surface parts.

La Pollo rocket pictures.


The ability to print glass parts also helped a lot for this production. As the rocket wold be lit from the inside flying trough space.
Like the “glass bowl” window of the cockpit. It comes out a bit frosty when it drys after print.
but both polishing with car wax and using clear lacquer spray created good end results.



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Superbe and inspiring work, congrats !

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