Missing and wrong tank message

Model#2 up to date on firm and app.
Things worked fine. Tank looking fogged, decide to buy new 2.1 tank same as old one. Buy FLGPBK04 resin with new tank. install new tank and resin. Get Wrong tank warning, can’t print. Put old 2.1 tank back in Get Missing tank warning. What gives?

I cleaned the chip and contacts and rebooted. No luck, both tanks will not work.

Hi, tom it’s tom. Has anyone helped you yet. Why no tom, but thanks for asking.

You should contact support, these kind of issues are better managed by them than by forum members.

Hi @Tom_Parker, I also think the Formlabs support team will be best suited to answer your question. I’d suggest creating a support request using the link below, and someone will be in touch to discuss the issue by email:


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