Massive errors in elapsed time in downloaded CSV dashboard data

I’ve noticed that there are a few entries in the downloaded CSV dashboard data with ridiculously high values for Elapsed Print Time. I have three print jobs where the elapsed time equates to between 2500 and just over 4000 hours! Here’s an extract of the offending data:

Start time Finish time Elapsed print time (ms)
23/10/2023 09:02 23/10/2023 16:13 14455096310
04/06/2021 17:39 04/06/2021 19:27 9779331950
21/04/2021 11:23 21/04/2021 14:22 9171752864

As you can see the elapsed print time doesn’t correspond to the difference between the start and finish times. I also have a few entries where the finish time is blank. Are these known issues?

Hi @mrwakefield,

Thanks for flagging this issue. This is not one I’m familiar with, so I’ve gone ahead and passed this along to the team. I’m glad you were able to double check, and I appreciate your patience working around this in the meantime by manually approximating the elapsed print time as needed.

Thanks for your reply. I’m sure you can look at the data from your end but if you need a sample CSV just let me know.

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Hi, those are blank when the print status column is PRINTING. Did you see one where it was FINISHED and still empty?

Yes, I’m only interested in finished job history so I don’t load any ‘live’ job data.

Hello @mrwakefield

The error you’re encountering, characterized by the absence of a “finish time” despite the print status indicating “FINISHED,” typically arises when the printer fails to transmit the completed print event. In such instances, our system programmatically sets the status to “FINISHED” after a predetermined timeout period, assuming the print job has concluded. Consequently, we do not have an exact timestamp for when the printing was completed, which is why this field remains blank.

We appreciate your understanding.

Why not have it log “TIMEOUT” when it never receives a “FINISHED” status? This way you know what happened instead of logging bad data.

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