Wall-clock time to completion

Print time estimation has improved quite a bit in recent releases (still always about 10% shy, but not bad). It would be useful to have a “Wall clock” time for completion, rather than just number of hours and minutes remaining… sometimes my mental arithmatic isn’t as good as it should be :wink:

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The timeline available in the dashboard does that, but only once you’ve started the print.

Timeline, yes, well, I would, if it wasn’t showing complete nonsense. According to my own timeline, I only made a single print yesterday, which finished at 7am. Not even close to true. I guess that’s why it’s still “Beta” :rofl:

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By “Wall Clock” time, do you mean
“the print will finish around 5:45PM”
“the print will finish around 5:30AM tomorrow”
“the print will finish around 5:30AM on 6/22”

There would be quite a few options this kind of time display.

Would you want this displayed on the printer or just in Dashboard?

Any of the above. Just not the current “X hours remaining” annoyance.

And please fix the completely broken and usless timeline feature you’ve got in beta :slight_smile: It needs to display a much wider time rame range and be easily scrollable. And it goes completely nuts if your print spans UTC midnight.

@ijeffray Rest assured we read your feedback, and while it took awhile to get to it, we have made some updates to Timeline, including scrolling and a number of improvements that should mean the data its capturing and displaying from the printer is more accurate. I’d love to hear if you like the improvements, and any other complaints you may have with it.

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@gtl it’s still not great. For example, it (still) looks like my prints will be completed in much less time than is true, unless I zoom out. Compare the two screenshots at https://codion.uk/formlabs_timeline.png - this is the same timeline, at two different zoom settings - the first - the default - make it look like my print will complete at 5pm … thie curved right end to the box suggests this, as does the fact the timeline cannot be scrolled further right - only when I zoom out (lower screenshot) do we see the true end time.

Thanks! We’ll work on fixing this!