Mask Holders

I wanted to print some of the face mask holders I have seen online. I downloaded a few of the STL files from the web but they do not seem to be strong enough when printed on the SLA Form2. I am using Durable resin which I thought would be a good choice. Has anyone printed any of these that worked well? If so what STL file did you use and what resin did you find to work?


Possibly Tough resin,

also it would help to know if the stl files you tested were ment to be used in SLA or PLA type printing?
& also which files you were printing, if open sourced…

Had best success printing mask from flexible resin. They could be printed without supports and saved material and time. Started with Elastic, but masks Had to have supports and final masks had a nasty chemical smell., so unalble to use them. Printed mast from flexible to fit to face better and printed Cover with clear hard plastic. Good results , effective masks and durable. No odor.

We have successfully printed mask frames designed by Bellus 3D app. I’ve had excellent results using a form two printer, durable resin, and a LT tank. One thing you may want to verify is that your optical window and galvanized mirrors are clean. We had a history of miss prints because our optical window and mirrors were contaminated. We self problem solved based on support documentation on the form website and worked like a charm.