Maker juice Waxcast for Jewelers

Has anyone used Maker juice Waxcast,
Jewlelers out there please any feedback Appriciated.

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Hi A friend of mine is sending me some samples to cast - I will let you know how it goes

Thankyou !

Probably has the same issue as the other Makerjuice materials–since you can’t adjust the printer settings beyond changing the material preset you can’t get the right exposure, most likely it will cure faster than the Formlabs resin so the details won’t be as good.

Ive used MakerJuice in the past and it works great on the Form1+. I printed a 1/9 scale B-17 radial engine and even the spark plug wires printed! Just set it to the grey version 1 setting. I used their grey resin.

I’ve used the gray resin too, but even with the material preset that has the lowest cure time it cures too fast and the details aren’t nearly as good as what you get with the Formlabs resin

We have tested WaxCast extensively on the Form 1/+.

You can see some example prints at 25um here:

We don’t think you’ll find better detail with your printer than that… with any resin. :grin:

Thank you all for replie’s I will try makerjuice .

So far no dice with maker juice wax cast. I tried three different models and three new trays. One pulled off the supports and the last two did not adhere to the build plate. So far I am not happy. All set using castable setting with the first two set at .5 and the third set at .25.

What do you think accounts for the difference in success as described in this thread, @Ralph_Roberts?

Please shoot us a support ticket @ so we can help diagnose the issue. We’ve tested the resin extensively on the Form 1+ (we print 50 rings at a time for demo prints!) so I’d be curious to figure out why you’re having failures.

And if we can’t figure it out, we can at least refund you.

Hi folks - I cast a maker juice wax pattern provided by a friend. as I am waiting for my Form2. I have cast Form labs castable resin and Asiga castable resin and the results were very good. However I am Not impressed with maker juice the results were very rough and surface quality very poor.

Hi Hillzzz: Can you provide information on your printing, post-curing, and casting protocol and investment used for the MakerJuice WaxCast? I cast quite a bit of it during development and have not observed rough/poor quality results.

Please post the casting schedule, curing process, and investment you used. We’re very curious how you managed to get bad casts from the part. When following the casting schedule and instructions we provide with the resin, we’ve had many users get great results (you can see examples on our site!)

Hi Maker Juice, One of the stipulations I have for a resin is a perfect burn-out using my normal wax burn-out schedule and normal plaster. That is because I run a busy casting service and so I need to be able to mix waxes and resin in the same flask. Its too disruptive to my business to have to run a special schedule for each different type of resin and waxes as well separately.
So My test is to use my normal plaster Goldstar Omega Plus. and my normal burnout which is ramp 3 degrees/min to 150C 1 hours ramp to 270 C 1 hours ramp to 360C 2 hour ramp to 720C 3 hours drop to casting temp and hold for 1 hours. In a mixed flask of waxes and resins all on the same tree.
I have done only one test and it may be an anomaly but My friend only had one spare master for me to try. I would be keen to give Maker Juice a fuller test when my Form 2 arrives.

Sorry I don’t know how the resin was cured a friend provided it in a cured state

Unfortunately that is most likely why your cast failed. We provide specific instructions for casting (, and when not followed we can’t guarantee the results.

It seems all jewelers have their own “method,” but since these are not just wax they do require special procedures.

We’re confident that if you follow the steps in the Flyer, you’ll have great results!

Hi MakerJuice,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately as I explained in my previous post having to use a different burn-out schedule to the one that I know works for my wax casts, kiln, and casting machine is too disruptive and costly for my business. Also Plasticast investment powder is difficult and expensive to get hold of in the UK. I tried several resins including the Formlabs Castable resin with my standard plaster and burnout and the results were acceptable. I am aware that the Makerjuice part I tried may not have been cured properly it is also possible that the flask was in a cold spot or an over-hot spot in the kiln. I will try Makerjuice again when my Machine arrives.

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