Maintaining heat to 35C?

Hello All,

Each time I have to print something, as you know, it takes several minutes simply for the machine to reach its 35C temperature.

Would there be any negative side effect if the machine would maintain 35C all day every day?

I really don’t mind the 20Wh or so, its winter anyway!

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I know others have requested a pre-heating button/option. For example either in preform or on the printer hit the pre-heat button, then load up and orient your model and by the time you hit print, it is already heated.

My question is…is the 3-4 mins saved a couple times a day really worth the extra wattage?

As far as negative side effects, I’ll wait for the actual experts to respond to that one.

Well for me it is much closer to 30-40m and I really dont mind the dam gate opening 0.000000212deg wider, neither the 300L per month and the 3-5cents/month increase on my Hydro bills.

Cause each time I use the printer, at first I am delighted to see its gonna take 1hr to print, but than every time I am disappointed to see an hour later that I still have 40m to go.

30-40 mins…ya that’s a bit excessive. There was another thread with the same problem last week (was it you or someone else?)

In any case, here is one option FL could look into (yes I am bored today):

Upon hitting Apply it would send a command to the printer to start the pre-heating process. That way it would be heated (or almost heated in your case) by the time you load, orient, support and print your item.

But I think the real issue might be why it takes your printer 30-40 mins. Mine has never taken more than 5 mins.

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No it was not me and I was happy to see I was not alone.

Yes the pre-heat preform option would help, but I just updated the printer firmware and now I just upgraded preform to 2.10.0 and bellow is what I see; am I missing something here?

Don’t think so. Mine was simply a Photoshop mock-up…a suggestion. It has not been implemented by FL.

haha ok I see.

Yes it would be better but I think the best would be to also have it under “Settings” on the printer itself so that you can ask anybody near the printer to preheat it.

If it takes that long to heat up you’re machine is some place fairly cold. I had to move my machine to a different area for the winter because it took too long to heat up.

One way to speed things up is to keep the resin cartridges and tanks in a warmer area (house instead of garage) and take them to the machine when you’re going to be printing. This should cut down the warm-up time drastically.

Yes, that or buy a heat lamp and leave it on top, or buy a heating blanket and wrap it around… or, perhaps @Formlabs could take 5 hours of dev time to add the option on next revision so that every body happy!?

That is a great idea. Thanks. I am not sure if 65F is warm but that what the misses likes it at in the winter. The basement, where the Form2 is at is colder.

Even so, my machine is warming up faster than @mavincent is.

Hello team, any development on this feature?

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Pre-heat has been implemented into the latest Firmware release, 1.14.21! There are a few different actions that will cause the printer to pre-heat.

  1. Interacting with the printer’s touch screen
  2. Opening the printer’s cover
  3. Uploading a print to the printer

You can learn more in the blog post on firmware 1.14.21, and let us know how this feature works for you and if there’s any modifications you’d like made.