Looking for old version Form 2 cartridges

Looking for cartridges empty or otherwise of White V1, Clear V3 or Grey V1/V2.


I have a few grey v2. Handful of clear v3 if you’re interested.

awesome - I’ll want one of each - am messaging you to work out details.


Hey, misread my cartridges but currently I have one empty clear V3 and one empty grey V2.

Will need to get the last of the resin out of them.

What do you use them for?

see pm

Are you in the USA Kevin? I have a couple that I need to check which version of gray resin they contained.

Thanks for replying @mjncad - but hopefully Renk has me covered on grey and clear. I’m in the UK btw.

Very good. The shipping would be a killer. Have fun with whatever cartridges Renk is able to provide you.

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