Lock Wiper (Form 2 Set-up)


In setting up my Form 2, I am unsure as to how to properly lock the wiper. Does the slotin the wiper mount have to slide onto the notch on the arm? See pic below.

It is a touch loose otherwise, but appears it will take some force to get the slots to slide onto those notches.

Thank you for your help. I really don’t want to break my printer, day 1!

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Ok, I looked at the set-up video again and took a screenshot of the correctly installed wiper arm. Too dark to see in the video (at least on either of my screens) to determine what’s going on slot and notch-wise, so I threw it in Photoshop. Right clicking on the vid and selecting controls and going full screen helped too. Yep, slot goes over notch.

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Did you get it installed okay?

I was likewise tentative to insert and remove the wiper for my first couple of days. To install the wiper, press down in the slot and then push forward. You should feel it lock into place and there won’t be much wiggle room. It does sometimes take a bit of force to push the wiper down and forwards. If you have any issues, feel free to reach out!

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Hi! I did indeed. Once I got the gumption I pushed it into place.

Thanks Frew, I was able to get it installed. It is now firmly attached, and facilitated two subsequent prints! :slight_smile:


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