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Living Hinge?

PP (polypropylene) please!
Has anyone developed a functional clam shell of a product carry box where the living hinge is along the edge of the 2 halves?
What material did you use?
I am on a Form3

Elastic (80 sure-A) is way too weak for the overall body of my product holder.

My Ultimaker Fused Filliment printer has PP but the obvious lower resolution is not pleasing for me to show my client.

Try Durable. In thin sections, it retains a high degree of flexibility. I’ve been “cheating” the flexibility a bit by only partially post-curing the print and then shooting it with UV resistant paint so it stays partially cured and then it’s even more flexy.

I have already tried the Durable resin for living hinge in the past. For me, it was not a success. I was thinking it would be the best resin for that too. Maybe Tough 1500 could do the job. I suggest to try small samples with different thickness to test the resin.

For me Durable definitely is the way to go, with regular post-curing.
With the proper geometry, it bends 100 times no problem.