Level of Severity setting for Red Islands for supports

Preform 2.14 changed the way red is shown for extra supports. And it now generates a good 6 times the number of red areas of the previous version.

My issue is that there are too many and many are really not areas needing support at all. I’ve done several prints with 2.14 and am finding I can ignore almost all of the red islands without issue. However occasionally now because there is so much Noise I am missing a Signal of an area that actually needed a suport (like the older versions of PreForm).

So please add a severity setting to the red islands. All, Moderate+, and Severe+ for the software’s belief that supports are needed. A great feature (the red areas for extra support) went from being something I respected and took time to remove all of them to something now I find worthless and am almost completely ignoring. I’d like to not ignore it please.

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I’ve noticed the increased sensitivity. However I’m not certain that success printing is the only measure. Could me that these unsupported areas increase the probability of failure, or distortion, of a print. My main issue is that it can sometimes difficult to find the places. Perhaps some clear way of highlighting these places with a button.

The balance between minimizing support usage and maximizing print reliability is certainly a tricky one. We did make the red shading a bit more nuanced and we’ll continue working towards ways or improving this algorithm.