Layer lines caused by adaptive layer thickness

Just got the notification for the new Preform update, and saw that adaptive layer thickness was added.

I’m trying to design a few things for my ikea pegboard, and found that whenever the layer thickness changes, I get some pretty pronounced layer lines (excuse the dust from filing down one of the edges as I printed it on the platform):

2020-08-12-skadis-square-holder-take2.form (212.0 KB)

Is this expected and something I just need to design around (or not use adaptive layer thickness of course), or is there something wrong with the printer or slicing?

This is on my Form 3 with resin v4

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I haven’t tried adaptive layers yet. Are you allowed to throttle the maximum layer size? That might be a way to deal with it. Really thick layers are going to show, I imagine there’s not much that can be done about that, other than sanding.

It looks like it’s the thin layers that cause the lines in this case. The lines show up whenever there is a filleted corner in that particular layer.

There are no settings for adaptive layer thickness in preform that I can tell – too bad we can’t adjust the code after slicing to manually change this!

I teid the adaptive layers on a small organic shaped model and the results were, frankly hideous. It seems to default to 100um for most parts and likewise, looked to leave bold layer lines where the layer thicknesses changed. I guess for quick and dirty test prints it might be ok, but apart from print speed (which I could just set to 100um for anyway) I don’t see any benefits.
That said, everything has to start somewhere so I’m interested to see how this develops as there is a load ofpotential here, but also a load of teething issues and kinks to iron out before we see the real benefits.

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just having a switch for 100um supports (switching back to your set layer size once the model starts to print) could save a LOT of print time.

We all just LOVE tossing sow to print 25um supports in the trash.

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