Lattice Cube for Full Form 2 Build Volume?

Does anyone out there have, or know where to get, a lattice cube that is the full build volume of a Form 2 without supports? I’m starting a 3D printing club at work and wanted it as a demo. Thanks!

Pinshape :slight_smile:

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Fun fact: an uncured 4x4 dyMAXion cube in clear is strong enough to stand on (~210 pounds).


It’s not that I don’t believe you @Cody, but that’s one thing I’m going to have to try for myself…today! Although I’m 6’1" 225lbs. do you think going bigger would increase or decrease the strength?

I couldn’t resist retesting. Unfortunately, the only dyMAXion cube that I have available is post cured, but it will have to do.

I first tried with just myself, and that worked fine. So then I added a 5 gallon jug of IPA, and then another one. And I got 286.4 pounds (you have to read the numbers upside down).

This is the test setup. I did my best to prove that there isn’t any additional support. The red rubber is to distribute the load, since the bathroom scale is actually curved a bit.

So then I tried adding two more 5 gallon jugs of IPA, and this is when most of my weight is on the scale. It’s reading 316.6 pounds.

At about 320 pounds the scale conked out, and gave me this error message. Based on the weight of the four IPA jugs (150 pounds) and my weight (210 pounds), I estimate that the cube was able to hold about 360 pounds. I did heard a slight pop sound, but I’m not sure if that was the cube or the scale. In any case, it held up fine, and is now back on my shelf.


That’s awesome. I can’t wait till mine prints!

Awesome. Just what I needed. Now, cause I’m an idiot, I assume I can print this without supports correct?

I’m an hour in printing this one with no supports. IMO The item itself is basically a well organized support structure :slight_smile:


Hey, I didn’t know that was sharable… Glad it is!

Yes, no supports are needed.

Many of FL’s 3D files can be found here:

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I played with this some but haven’t actually printed anything. But it seems like it’d work for what you’re all discussing…

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There’s also this. I don’t like the way the finished models look very much, but if you’re looking to make lightweight parts with maximum strength this tool will build the minimal structure necessary by starting with your full object and removing material it doesn’t think is necessary to the structural integrity of the object.

Looks cool but how great of a tool can it really be if it doesn’t support Firefox!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

wind blows rain falls firefox burns…

You may not know what I’m referencing here, in which case it will seem pointless. Not that it’s still not pointless even if you do know the reference. It’s just less of a total non-sequitur is all. Bonus points for you though if you recognize what it’s from without using Google. Bonus points for me if you find it even slightly humorous. :slight_smile:

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In all seriousness though… it’s really quite interesting verging on exciting to see all these tools being developed specifically for 3D printing. Both the nTopology and Frustrum products are highly specialized complicated pieces of software that are only of value to 3D printers.

I’ve done a lattice structure before. Once. I built it “by hand”. It was both tedious and exhausting and I swore I would never do it again. Now, for free, I can feed an STL to a web page and not only get a lattice, but get one that’s had Finite Element Analysis to tell you where to beef it up.

For. Free. !!

I thought and thought and thought…ends up I haven’t seen the 5th Element…