Keeping clear resin clean - use new build plate?

I’ve been printing for a couple months with grey and now I’m going to use clear for a couple of items. I have a spare build plate on hand and plan to dedicate it to clear resin only in order to prevent any color-contamination into my clear resin.

Good idea? Bad idea? Unnecessary?

The biggest downside I can think of is the inactive build plate being exposed to light and dust when I’ve swapped them out - I’ll have to come up with a dark storage box or something.

Unnecessary unless you find yourself swapping back and forth. I think you should get in the habit of cleaning your build plate any time it is stored outside of the machine anyways. So unless you want to start your clear print while you are cleaning your grey build plate I don’t see any advantage.

How do you store a build plate outside of the machine? . I always put mine right back in after every print, using my normal cleaning routine (gentle sweeping of build plate and tank with putty knife), and I just leave it in the machine until I’m ready to start another print. I print something every day and always leave the machine running every work night.

I was putting mine back in the shipping box in the beginning, but now just store it in the machine.

I usually take the putty knife and use the blade across the surface to remove excess, then wipe the putty knife on a paper towel, Then I wipe down the metal surface with a little IPA on a paper towel, and make sure to get the sides as well. I switch back and forth between blue castable resin and clear resin, and no problems. So my vote is that it’s unnecessary. :slight_smile: