Julius Caesar bust

“It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.” *
– Julius Caesar

A work in progress. Part of my weekly series of 3-D printed busts on the Form.

This is Julius Caesar in .05mm detail, grey resin with very minor post processing. I could have captured more detail at 25 micron, but I sacrificed speed for very fine details you might not notice (this was overnight between print jobs).

Yes, it is covered in mineral oil for short-term protection, since it is in a public place.

A colleague is going to professionally paint it soon, so stay tuned for the final, painted result.

Yes, I thought about doing this multi-piece in a full-scale format. However, I only have one Form, and I reserve those kinds of time intensive prints for original artists work, rather than this series of overnight prints.

  • I dunno. I think it’s a combination of both … I do agree it’s much more exciting to DO STUFF than READ ABOUT IT, though.
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Amazing stuff! Love the sculpt and the bust itself. As a miniature painter: It tempts me to paint it!

You mentioned the mineral oil to protect it, one quick question: What does it protect the print from and what does it do?

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Hi Heriberto. I apply mineral oil to remove white hazing caused by post process sanding of superficial support nubs. On this print they were very limited in number, because of the way I orientated it and also because most of them are internal within hollow structure.

I just decided to keep a coating of “something” temporary on it, before painting. It is in a public makerspace and some members have hands with all kinds of project related stuff, like paint, oil, grease, whatever. I’ve actually transfered substances myself onto prints because I was trying to do two things at once. :slight_smile:

And in this case it was just easy enough to cover it in mineral oil. It’s since been cleaned, and packed into a box and awaiting pickup to be painted.