Issues Printing with Form 1+, OpenFL and Flexvat- Help Appreciated

Not sure if this will gain any attention but wanted to create a new thread on this rather than resurrecting one from a couple of years ago. A friend of mine recently handed me an Form 1+ asking me if I could repair it for her and having used a form1+, I said I would take a look and see what I could do. To my surprise, the original PDMS vat and build plate had been replaced with a “FlexVat” type, instead of FormLabs material it was using “Maker Juice Grey” and the firmware was using a custom OpenFL. It seems like the previous owner of the machine was trying to achieve this: OpenFL Material Files and technical info from so I started working on it.

Long story short- it’s been around three weeks since obtaining the printer, learning how to install OpenPF and load .ini files, cleaning the flexvat and set the dosage for Maker Juice and I’m close to success but not there yet. The printer prints, which is good, but I’ve been experiencing constant “Ragging” on every one of my prints larger than 4cm. The pre-created files for generic “800 modelxyfeedrate” on Flexvat is the closest to success but as you can tell its still an issue:

Any suggestions on how to reduce this annoying ragging when printing?

I am looking for help on/if anyone here managed to successfully print using Maker Juice resins (or 3rd party resins) on the Form 1+, has experience with FlexVat (@HTL) or OpenFL settings (@DavidRosenfeld) please. I am trying to understand how to fine tune .ini material settings but not sure what else to adjust (admittedly, I’m used to DLP settings where it’s all exposure + time)

Thanks in advance

Threads I’ve visited:

Dear @Mattraptions, did you manage to go further on your tests and find some solutions ?
I am trying to set back to life an old Form 1+, needing new VAT and resins solutions…