Isopropyl Alcohol

Waiting for my Form 2, I figured it was a good time to get some IPA. Searched around for gallon and five gallon quantities to get a decent price. Formlabs recommends 90% or better.

I was surprised to find 91% isopropyl alcohol at Walgreens for
$2.29 per 16 ounces. But it happens to be buy one get one for 50% off. Then, if you buy enough it ships free. I put 22 bottles in my cart and checked out for $38.46 shipped.

That is $13.99/gallon for 2.75 gallons. No need to leave your house or get strange looks buying 22 bottles of IPA.

Hope this is useful info.


No Walgreens in Australia. :disappointed:

The cheapest I have found so far in Victoria was 100% IPA 5.5 litres (1.45295 gallons) for AU $38 (USD $28.57).

If I bought the equivalent amount in Bunnings Hardware, it would cost $125 !

Two Questions:

  1. Has anyone found anything cheaper near Melbourn that I can pick up myself?

  2. Can I dilute the 100% IPA down to 90% with something cheaper? (Hopefully, water.)

Distilled water is best, avoid water from the tap/spigot.

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