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Is this a skipping lines or something else?


Hi All,

i just received a sample print from someone print seems ok ,but there are some skipping lines or maybe something else. can anyone tell me what are these lines ?

Its printed @ 100microns, height - 40 mm , printed straight with supports in Form 3B

Can anyone reply please ? it would be helpful



Looks like layer shift. Perhaps the model was not supported enough.

Is this original formlabs resin? It looks a bit too “shiny”.


okay, actually i got this sample print form one seller of formlabs i will ask them what resin they used to print this.

However i got another print from one more seller he send me this print both are different in color. i dont know why.
This one printed @ 50 microns.

Does it mean if i will print straight with lower supports , the horizontal lines will come in all prints ?