Is it possible to continue a print after a power outtage?

Is there any way to continue a print after a power outage?

We are set up in Indonesia with our form one and usually have a power outage once each day.

I have already lost a few prints due to power outages.

I am working on getting more stable power in our studio but in the meantime is there any way to restart the print in the place where the print cut off?

Hello Zak,

Do you have access to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) where you are?  It’s one of the first things I got for my Form 1.  Not only should it let you print through a power outage, but the power conditioning that most do will make sure you don’t damage any of the sensitive electronic bits in your Form 1 if the power flickers or goes on and off repeatedly.

There  is only material waste and no damage to the machine when power is out. When I used my FDM printer, if power was out when printing, the platform would drop to the bottom immediately and therefore damage the machine. I was very worried about that that I add a foamed plastic under the platform every time it printed, and remove it when it was closed to  the end. I once forgot to remove it and the platform kept running down until it was stuck by the foam and both the print and the machine were damaged, that was a heart broken experience and I am happy that I would never worry about damage if power outtage happen  because the better design of Form 1.