Is it necessary to cure standard grey resin?

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Is it necessary to uv cure standard grey resin & draft resin ?

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Neither Standard Grey or Draft require post-curing.

You can optionally improve the properties of both with post-curing.

If you google formlabs using x resin you can find the post-curing guidance for any of their resins (near the bottom of the hit).

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Thank you.

One last doubt, how long the life of LPU Unit last ? any idea.

I guess a lot would depend on the frequency of use and size of prints. I’ve had mine four and a half years, but I don’t print daily like some other users.

I usually cure my grey resin in the FormCure to make the resin harder. It seems soft if I don’t cure. I only cure about 20 minutes on small prints.

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Ok Thank you. I want to buy Form 3 so i thought i should clear my all doubt’s here :slight_smile:

I have also noticed property improvements from post curing the standard grey. After curing it in the Form Cure it seems not to be so brittle as it ages.

The new firmware update on the Form Cure now lists all the materials from Grey to Tough so it’s easy as just selecting which one you printed with.

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ok thank you ! :slight_smile: